Friday, August 22, 2008

Catalonia Stands Alone

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In 1713, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands abandoned the coalition giving support to the Archduke Charles of Habsburg in his war against Phillip d'Anjou for the crown of Spain, and signed the Treaty of Utrecht with France to finish their mutual hostilities. Caught in a risky strategic situation, the by then Holy Emperor Charles VI feels forced to evacuate the Imperial troops from the Iberian Peninsula, so leaving his main supporters there --the Catalans-- hopelessly alone face to the joint Armies of Phillip d'Anjou and Louis XIV. Far from getting scared, the Catalans organize their own army and defiantly raise it on the warpath. No doubt this is one of the most thrilling, epic and dramatic periods in the whole history of the Catalans and the Crown of Aragon, which commoted deeply the contemporary European society, besides of having marked forever the spirit of Catalonia. However, such an episode has been always ignored --if not deliberately silenced-- by everybody, even by the Catalans themselves.

Finally, after several months of intense work, discussing and revisions, we have already a date for the definite publication of the first Wargaming Guide entirely devoted to the Catalan armies: Catalonia Stands Alone handles in detail the organization, uniformology and vexillology of the main Infantry, Cuirassiers, Dragoons, Artillery and Mountain Rifles regiments belonging to the army that defended Catalonia during the last stage of the War of the Spanish Succession; it will include an introduction to the historical context and a chapter specifically destined to orientating wargamers to organize their own scenarios, or to replay some of the most spectacular fightings of that campaign. Finally, a 3 pages bibliographical section should allow readers to increase further their knowledge about the Catalan involvement in the War of the Spanish Succession.

Catalonia Stands Alone is a 44 pages electronic booklet in PDF format, fully illustrated with 24 colour sheets dedicated to each of the 1713-1714 Catalan regiments, with 32 uniform illustrations, 16 detail parts and 31 images of Colonel's, Regimental and institutional flags, besides of 4 maps, 7 images of ancient prints and even some photos. Jointly with the booklet, there also are three DIN A4 sheets of 2-sided flags to be used in your armies. These flagsheets are in GIF format.

Catalonia Stands Alone is available for download at no cost, entirely for free. Click here to download the zipped file containing the booklet along with the flagsheets.


Roi said...

This is such a great job! Amazing.

Miquelets said...

Molt bon treball, ens ha encantat aquest document.

Sal·lutacions dels Miquelets del Regne de València

Webmestre said...

Thanks to you both for your comments, Roi and Miquelets.

I've recently started a new work on this very same subject, but it will take some time to have a preview on it. I wish this first booklet is useful enough for those who have downloaded it.

Miquelets, he trobat aquest blog, que sospito deu ser vostre:

És així? M'ha semblat entendre que us voleu constituir com un grup de recreació històrica ("reenactment"). Què me'n podeu explicar? Us puc afegir a la biblioteca d'enllaços del nostre web principal (, on hi tinc un apartat dedicat a la recreació històrica)

Miquelets said...

Si, aquest grup del és nostre, i afirmatiu, ens volem constituir com grup de recreació històrica. Volem recrear el Regiment Mare de Déu dels Desemparats, i el Regiment de Fusellers de Muntanya Sant Vicent Ferrer.

També els Regiments Ciutat de València i Regne de València.

Actualment estem reunint informació i establint contactes amb gent interessada i coneixedora d'aquest moment històric. Hem contactat amb l'associació Miquelets de Catalunya, que es mostren disposats a ajudar-nos amb qualsevol dificultat.

D'ací poc penjarem a la xarxa el nostre web.


Mac Walker said...

You people are BRILLIANT!

Webmestre said...

Thanks Mac, your comments are encouraging :) Wish you enjoy the booklet!!

Spread the word!

Hwiccee said...

Great work, a really brilliant booklet.

What are you working on next?

Webmestre said...

Thanks Hwiccee, my next project was the 1704-1713 Austro-Catalan Army under Charles III, but I've had a few issues with German language translations, besides of a general lack of sources, so I've had to put this project aside by now.

Right now I've started a compilation of the of the French Army OOB during the 1713-1714 Catalonian campaign, from different, already existing sources.

Hwiccee said...

I think that the French 1713-14 will be great. I have some OOB material on the army in French and in German - they are basically the same thing. They give a list of the french infantry regiments/battalions. Also some other details on cavalry - numbers of men, etc, but not which units are there.

Please get in touch if you would like me to send you a copy of what I have. Contact me at hwiccee at hotmail dot com, change thw at for @ and the dot for .

I am working on the 1710 campaign in Spain. Can I ask you if you have any details of the British/Dutch/Austrian/Imperial/Catalan forces that were NOT in Starhemberg's field army?

Webmestre said...

Hi again Hwiccee. Please accept my apologies for a so huge delay, I must admit not having payed too much attention to this weblog lately.

I believe that I'll be able to extract a good listing of French units involved in the Peninsula scenarios of WSS --especially those directly involved in the Catalonian front; I'd love to offer some info on uniforms and Colonel flags too (which is otehrwise already available from other sources).

About your question on the 1710 campaign, it seems that after the disaster of Almansa several Catalan Line Infantry regiments were raised to garrison the country, payed and maintained by the Catalonian Parliament, or 'Diputació del General'. I believe that these hurriedly raised units were disbanded after the second Habsburg campaign on Madrid, but I cannot fully ensure it yet, but I believe that in a future I'll be able to.

Anyway, besides of these 2 or 3 'ad-hoc' units, there were the 'Diputació General' and the 'Ciutat de Barcelona' Line Infantry Regiments (those numbered I and II in my booklet), which never crossed the Principality of Catalonia boundaries between 1704 and 1713, but were permanently used for garrison duties instead.

Yes, I'd like to know what info have you collected, it could help me in some way too.

Hwiccee said...

I will send you the material I have on the French in 1713-14. But I don't have your e-mail address and you haven't contacted me at my address that I left in my last message.

1710: I would be very interested if you have any information on these Catalan units in 1710. Also any British/Dutch/Imperialist/Palatine units which remained in Catalonia in 1710 as part of the garrison.

Miquelets del Regne de València said...

Hello friends,

In Facebook we have created a space to open a modification based on the Succession war in the computer game EMPIRE TOTAL WAR, giving special attention to the heroic resistance of catalan armies.


Anonymous said...

thank you very much, excellent work.

A Heart Pumping Nitro said...

Thanks for the booklet. I've looked through it and it is very nice with simple, very clear uniform guides and primer on the campaign I could easily run the fights written about. Thanks again.

Soldadets said...

Thanks for your appreciations. I sincerely wish the booklet serves to you as a source of inspiration for your gaming projects :)