Wednesday, February 10, 2010

15mm Mountain Fusiliers: we've got them!

Maybe some of you will recall our post of 4 June 2009, where we shortly reviewed a few different miniatures designing projects, all of them related to Austro-Catalan troops in the War of the Spanish Succession. One of the most significant among these was that one of the well-known Australian company Eureka Miniatures, consisting namely in carrying out a complete Mountain Fusiliers (Miquelets) range in 15mm metal (compatible with popular ranges such as those of Dixon, Essex, Minifigs or Roundway). This project was part of the Eureka's custom designing and pre-order program known as 300club, where the requested miniatures were sent into production line if a total of 10 applicants requested a total of 600 figures jointly.

Well, as you can easily guess by the photos accompanying this article, the projected 15mm Miquelets are going steadily into production in a short time, so that they'll become a real choice for your armies by March (maybe earlier). At least, these are the news received today from Nic Robson, manager of Eureka, who has kindly attached us some photos of Mike Broadbent's greens. By clicking on each photo, you'll be able to verify Mike Broadbent's accuracy in reproducing most of the known features of these particular, specialist troopers so widely used by Charles III Habsburg: long untied hair under their tricorne hats or forage caps, coats characteristically hanging from a shoulder, wide and old-fashioned-looking trousers, gaiters partially bent below the knees, belly cartridge boxes, etc.

This is a magnificent work, in our humble oppinion, plenty of detail and realism. No doubt this will become a valuable addition to our WSS Imperial or Austro-Catalan armies. So valuable that it is really hard to believe that no manufacturer had ever before designed such a characteristic troop type -which was in fact the core nucleus of the Spanish Army of Charles III Habsburg, along with the excellent Catalan and Aragonese Cavalry, far over the Line Infantry battalions, most of which had no significant role until late war. They could be formed either in regular battalions (over a dozen of these were raised until 1713), or in skirmishing, guerrilla-type irregular militiae.

In fact, such kind of specialist troop was so successful in their role that soon the Two Crowns' armies included some number of Mountain Fusiliers units too -although in a lesser quantity. In the end, some number of Miquelets battalions are a real, historical must for anyone fielding a Peninsula theater WSS Army.

If interested in adding your own Miquelets pre-order to the Eureka's 300Club submission too, you can follow this link.


Jiminho said...

Thanks for the heads up on this. Just to let you know, I've just placed an order for enough figures to make 3 units. There are over 300 figures now on order.


Soldadets said...

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your news. Fortunately, I can now ensure you this new range will enter production for sure -in spite of not having reached yet the 600+ miniatures total.

This is due to that I agreed with Eureka to enforce their way into production, at an extra cost at my charge.

So that you will have your ordered minis in one or two month's time -regardless of the submission status level :)

Jiminho said...

Well, this is very good news. The figures are unique and interesting. I thought that the 300 club required orders for just 300 figures, but I obviously wasn't paying attention. You're a brave man to be carrying the financial risk on this venture - cheers to you!