Thursday, February 11, 2010

More 15mm Mountain Fusiliers' photos

I've been kindly delivered by Mr. Nic Robson some pictures else, showing the Eureka Miniatures projected 15mm Mountain Fusiliers not only from a frontal perspective, but also from the back, so that you can appretiate the amount of details on them: bags, water pumpkins, and their curious way of wearing their coats.

Besides, in the images below you can see two characters not shown in former pictures: an officer and a horn-blower. As for the officer, he is dressed and equipped roughly same way as his soldiers, armed with a musket too. His only special feature seems to be his sword or sabre. About the horn blower, please notice that his instrument is not any horn, but a seashell instead -an authentic feature, inherited from the Middle Age Almughavars. Worth to repare too in the particular shape of some musket butts -such as those of the musician and the officer. This kind of butt is authentic too, and it corresponds to a Catalan manufactured musket -most likely, with a Miquelet lock.


Florianus said...

So when are these bad boys coming out on Eureaka ?

Soldadets said...


Actually, they were already released quite before summer. I was delivered a bag of 100+ of them.

Take a glance on a first batch I painted on late May:

I don't know why is it that Eureka haven't changed their status yet. Try asking directly to Nic Robson at this e-mail of them: nicr [at] eurekamin [dot] com [dot] au

Best wishes,