Sunday, December 18, 2011

Volume 3 available as preview

As promised some weeks ago, I have already available for download a new volume of my Desperta Ferro! wargaming guides series. The new release consists of a complete campaign ruleset for a specific episode of the War of the Spanish Succession --the most emotive one to us Catalans, the 1713-1714 campaign for the definite subjugation of Catalonia.

Closely following a style inherited from our volume no. 1, Catalonia Stands Alone, this new release has been assigned the no. 3 in our series, and given the name of Defiant Principality: War of the Spanish Succession miniatures campaign. Just as its name suggests, the booklet consists of a complete set of rules comprehensive of scouting, movement, battle settings and siege rules, as well as civilian population inter-actions, complete ORBATs for all sides involved (Spanish, French, Catalans and Imperials), weather, diplomatical random events, scouting, supply lines and attrition --all this, in a couple dozens of pages. The game is carried on a hexed map representing the Principality of Catalonia --plus the County of Roussillon, held by France since 1659.

Although heavily masked by literary narration and proxy-gamed RPGs, this ruleset is the real engine behind the 18th Century Imagi-Nation story carried by Jordi Prado and myself at since over a year ago, so it has enjoyed a reasonably long testing time! For sure, there are still lots of features to be fully developed, or intentionally left open by us, in order not to hamper too much our own gaming experience with too rigid or extensive regulations. And we believe that many other gamers will also thank those open gaps, allowing each one his/her own development on the matter.

Please note this releasing of today isn't the ultimate one yet. We'd love this booklet to be considered by you readers as a draft, and be used just as it. That is, downloading it just for a first inspection and feedback --i.e. eventual amendments, contributions and/or criticisms. After all the comments are collected, discussed and put together, we would re-release the booklet --this time as a definite, "closed" version. Hopefully, on the first week of 2012.

Please accept my most sincere apologies for eventual errors at writing the booklet, and wish you at least enjoy it at reading! Click here to download it.


maciek said...

Looks promising !

Jeroen72 said...

Thank you very much :)