Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Volume 3: Defiant Principality

A War of the Spanish Succession miniatures campaign

As announced some days ago before Christmas, the revised 1st edition of our Desperta Ferro! Series third booklet is already available for free download. This has been christianized as Defiant Principality - War of the Spanish Succession miniatures campaign and can already be downloaded from this particular page.

As noted in a just published announcement on TMP, this campaign ruleset has been built on the experience at our own Defiant Principality 18th Century Imagi-Nation setting, which is actually run under these rules. Of course, running this game as we are doing, inside a larger community such as Emperor vs Elector, furnishes to us a much wider range of gaming possibilities than those strictly derived from a 2-players wargaming campaign --such as diplomacy, unexpected events, proxy gaming and parallel RPG experiences, none of which can be adequately reflected on the ruleset. Nevertheless, the actual gaming experience itself allows us some confidence on this WSS campaign usefulness as a rules hard core for building anyone's own campaigning settings, depending on his/her own purposes.

We authors wish you have the most fun at reading and using it --not less than ourselves!


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Hurrah! :o)

maciek said...

Downloaded !
Thanks !

Miquelets del Regne de València said...

Benvolgut company,

T'escric en nom dels Miquelets del Regne de València, que ara hores d'ara estem mirant de recrear la bandera del Regiment Mare de Déu dels Desemparats de l'Exèrcit de Catalunya. M'agradaria preguntar-te si ens pots fer arrivar les imatges que has utilitzat per el.laborar els estandarts per a les teues campanyes; necessitem l'escut d'armes de l'emperador Carles III, la Mare de Déu dels Desemparats i les armes d'Aragó per a l'anvers, i l'escut del Braç Militar de Catalunya per al revers, com aquest que has possat ací a un costat al blog sobre la creu de Sant Jordi (per cert, supose que a les bandes hi ha alguna inscripció sobre aquest escut del Braç Militar, ja ens dius!). No se si ho tens tot en bona qualitat, vectoritzat, per poder editar-ho, siga com siga, ací tens el nostre email... Gràcies! =)